What Should We Do in Lock-Down?

All photographers and videographers facing this problems in this current "Lock-Down" period. What should we do? How to survive? Yes it is a hard time for everyone that including this platform to provide customer for photographers and videographers. We, Picsus having meeting to look for a solution but unfortunately the problem (Covid19) still there. Even though we manage to get the customer for you to shoot within this period. We believe no one dare to approach close-contact with the customers. And also no customer/s currently willing to book any service on the current situation, even for the future events because the whole market financially problems. We don't know how long will this lock-down will be. We hope it will recover as soon as possible but if the result getting worse, definitely the lock-down will take longer period of time. Just stay at home to help.

What should you do? As a photographers, what you should do and what can you do in this lock-down period of time. Think back "WHY" you want to be a photographer in the 1st place. Do it for fun or shoot for career? Fun- Do it again and again and again in your own house. Create something out from nothing. Control lighting, make use of the natural light, up light, down light, side light. Create shadow at the subject and do something mysterious in the back or front of the subject. Do it again and post to your social media. Look at the point of improvement. Note it and do it again. We believe you may find something that you always look for it in your photography of fun. You also discover the passion of your photography. You post in your own social media or your own page, the market will know your artworks. What you can do and other can't. If you happen to go out from your house to buy the needs for your family, you may bring your camera to do street photos, the situation of your home town or the nearby place that you stay. We believe you won't find another chances on this situation again on the future. Those photos taken can tell lots and lots of stories in the future. But remember to wear mask and keep distance with other peoples. You may post and hashtag "WarWithVirus" or something you like and share it.

Career- Yup is hard time to earn now and everyone is in this hard time together. We know your car, house, utilities, rent and many more need to make the payment. Hope for your business don't close down. If this lock-down going for another month, is not only you being effected, it will be 10 to 20 type industry or more infected and may totally shutdown. Luckily the Malaysia PM announce the "Six-month moratorium on bank loans, restructuring of credit card payments". It does help a little bit. On this career matter for photographers, basically you are as a full time photographer and you may own a studio. You should have the equipment completely. What can you do about it? Try to take as much as the equipment back to your house. Start to shoot anythings, portraits of your own, your family, or items like an advertisement. Enhance and post-processing your shoot. Something that you like but didn't do it before and do it now. Posing a person that you didn't do it before and you can do it now. The "Money" won't come now but increase the option of your shooting category may giving you the opportunity to collect more customer when this lock-down period is over. The wider choices gain more, the solution maker earn more. Start to do creativity of your own. In your house, in your garden, in your backyard or in your garage. Post it and boost it... if you think is the creative enough to attract customer eyes to your business page. We believe you will get message from the potential customer. Starting from there you will know it works for you or not for you. We believe you starting to create the base strong enough and you will be able to catch up the losses of the lock-down period fast.

Don't give-up and don't sell away your equipment. The market still need you (photographers & videographers). Together we fight and try to help this photography and videography industry. No matter how dark the situation is, there always have lights. Have fate on it and stay strong. Regards PicsUs Team

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