Should You Give RAW File?

Simple... the answer is "NO". Customer asking for RAW file on videos or photos and the answer is "NO". Photographer/s and videographer/s should not give RAW file to your customer because it is unprofessional service. It is uncooked food that you are serving to your customers.

Most of the customer don't know what is RAW file meaning. They thought it is JPEG file. They thought they know white balance and exposure. When they can't do much on RAW file, you are the one to blame as bad photographer or videographer. Giving RAW file only with contract signed with company. Usually on advertisement company, video recording company and photo studio company. If not signed any contract documents, please don't give. If you come across any question about the photography or videography industry, don't hesitate to email us at We are much happier to help to build this industry to a better place.

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