Should you edit or don't edit?

From what we know as a professional photographers in the wedding photography, we shouldn't edit (photoshop) the bride or groom because it will spoil the actual value of the photos. It also wasted all of your time on it. As a professional photographer, we only ensure the exposure & the white balance of all your photos. The fastest you deliver to the client, the happier they are to share your works. If you do edit skin, fats and other not really purpose... you be wasting time and maybe getting complaint. Here is what happen :

Photographer Photoshopped Wedding Pictures to Make Bride Skinnier Against Her Wishes, Claims to Have Now Deleted the Original Files

Only edit the bride or groom when they ask to. Charge the service fees for editing (photoshop) cause it will take long hours/days/weeks to finish up 1 client. Hopefully we learn somethings here because the photographer reputation in social media drop almost to none. Stay tune with us because we will have professional workshop to teach you to be better and sharing our experience together. Join us today

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