Should You Do Free Job (Newbies Photographer)?

There is a big question for those newly wanted to be in this photography industry for some of your profile job purpose. Should I do it or not for free photography service? Here are the solution...

Basically.... Thoughtfully.... The answer..... Yes and No.... We understand that is the harder choice to make after you brought your 1st set of DSLR or mirrorless camera. You already spend as an investment to your career with a couple of thousand of Ringgit on your camera, gears and tools. How you need to start? Where to start? When can you start? It is all depending on which path of your photography career to be. The market needs and more demands for the photographer of wedding and commercial. This is where you get paid instantly. Others job in photography as journalism, sport or landscape are paid by contract. Let just say you want to get paid by instantly... cause this is where are most people look & start into it.

A big "YES" to do free for your own profile while attach with another photographer having a job. It could be a wedding or a event shoot. Usually the professional photographer will still pay you a little for your expenses. You may help them as the 2nd photographer or arrange lighting or helping the photographer for motion stop effect.... as an assistant. It is something like you want to learn Kung Fu and you found a master that able to teach you. Can you ask the master to pay you while you learn? Nope... You learn and help all the basic principles as a student. In the photography process of learning can be month to quarter of the year for basic learning. Then from there, you will found your own style of photography tactics. For some of you can theories from YouTube but practically you need to press the shutter on the real job. That is where the stress on the paid job. What if the customer is paying for the job but you can't deliver the result? So... our suggestion is to follow and work with the professional photographer. Do not worry about the professional photographer reject you because mostly it won't. Unless... they will reject you if the job is privacy, overseas job or you are too ignoring from the pass few jobs or because they have special photography workshop to learn from. Meaning that they make workshop for living. Professional photographers usually friendly and open minded... That is why they will have more customer and more jobs. So learning from them as a good start to be able to communicate to the customer and how to provide good service. Sometime is not all about photography skills... A good photographer will be as good in attitude, communication and services. This is how to be a great professional photographer.

A big "No" to friends, indirectly family member or any private or government company event. Why... the truth is... they won't appreciate your works because you are newbies/amateur photographer. And also because real professional photographer won't accept the offer for free service. Let start with friends... Why a "No"? If you are good... friends will recommend friends for free service from you again and again. They will appreciate your works is good and it is "FREE". Why not... you can free drive a Ferrari and park in your house for FREE. So... it is "No" for friends, no matter how good your friendship it was. You just can't always giving free food to your friends while you are selling "Char Kuey Teow". If it is a very good friends, they are the one should understand you are in a photography career. They are the one should support you with hiring you and trusted you for the job. Basically can be any price or you can look into our pricing list as a guide cause we have done market research for all photographers in Malaysia. Your friend may angry on not agree to the offer, then you will know which is your true friendship. Family member "Yes" for free, indirect family member "NO". Why? Because it will be the same agenda like the friend and it could go much worse. Usually and the facts is they won't appreciate your works because the trends of photography is different on they use to be. 70's, 80's, 90's or 00's all is different photography trend. They will not understand the trend and they will always the "Know It All" kind of people. Think again... No matter what you have... Usually they should be better than you because you are still the child of their brother/sister. Private or government company event is a "NO". They always look for sponsor or free stuff and sometime only offer too little Ringgit just for you enough to travel there for the job. They might say for charity or what so ever. They will offer a credit by putting your name on TV, newspaper or magazine. Actually it won't make you the professional photographer and no one appreciate your photography artworks. The markets won't look at the photos and say "Who is this photographer, we want to hire". Can you know which famous photographer do "Free" job for the private or government company? If you do, congrats you because we don't even know although we have being in this photography industry for more than 10 years. We knew someone professionally being paid by the private and government company to do the event shoot. And he is also globally well known photographer. Any of the company can paid for all kind of preparation for the event, why can't they pay genuinely to the photographers? Think again... They will always have a budget for the photographers or the videographers because the company will advertise and make into their profile for the next event or business transaction dealing. Think again.... and it is a "NO". We feel so sorry for you if you already promised the FREE to the "NO" section. What can you do is... deal again or reject it due to photographer principles as a career or business of your own. We knew there are some advise from the YouTube or social media.... as a beginner do free jobs for your own profile. It is a kind of solution to start out in this career but why not if you can choose the best solution. If you don't know any of the photographers or videographers... you should start join in the Facebook photography group page. Start knowing someone is near to your location and make contact with him or her. There is lots and lots of photographers group page. Or... Join us as a member and let us know you want to learn and offer free service. We will notify you with workshop or as a 3rd photographer while you learn with the appointed photographer for the job and you keep in touch with the photographer. We believe you will find your mentor. Congratulation....! You have qualify as a photographer or videographer principles as for career or business if you finish reading this. So you are seriously into the photography or videography as a career. Good luck and hopefully you be part of Picsus Service photographer or videographer soon. Below are the link to join us as a member for free.

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