Indian Wedding Preparations

Your wedding proposal has happened. Or your matchmaking has been sorted. Both you as well as your spouse have made a unified commitment to take the next big step in life together. What will be your next thing to do? Planning your wedding of course. And that’s where the Indian Wedding Preparation Item List will come in handy, and be your main companion in making sure a grand fiesta wedding is organized.

Yes, the wedding will be the first major responsibility that you and your spouse would undertake, be it with or possibly without the aid of your friends and relations. The marriage venue needs to be reserved. The wedding caterer needs to be determined. PicsUs professional photographers may need to be pre-booked months before the wedding. Wedding banquet furniture, and also covers need to be hired. And the list continues on and on…

The sheer number of items to prepare for a wedding party could make you feel nervous or unpleasant and cause you to have thoughts that you might lose influence over the state of your wedding. Even before you begin, chances are you already think of the unthinkable, and fear the embarrassment that could develop from a badly arranged event.

Fret not, as we at PicsUs Service have produced an Indian Wedding Preparation Item List to help you out with all the wedding party preparations. The list of wedding preparation items below was constructed chronologically to make certain adequate time is allocated for each function item. Therefore you ought to have plenty of time for sourcing ideas, getting in touch with your wedding service providers, in depth conversation with your service providers and finally confirming your vendor options.

More than 12 months

~ Decide on a meaningful date to tie the knot

~ Designate a professional wedding planning consultant

~ Decide the amount of guests, location and time of day for the occasion

~ Establish wedding spending budget and how the expenses would be divided between groom and bride

~ Determine how the wedding schedule would look like

~ Organize a system to record payments completed as well as person who made the transaction

~ Create and merge a invitee list from both the wedding couple side

~ Figure out unpreventable factors that could impact your chosen wedding calendar day (e.g. weather, elections and so forth.)

~ Reserve wedding party spot

~ Reserve wedding reception spot

~ Book PicsUs Service photographer

~ Book PicsUs Service videographer

~ Make a decision on the matrimonial theme and color

~ Obtain or renew passport & visa for honeymoon

6 to 12 months

~ Book your marriage officiant (priest, qadi, minister etc.)

~ Reserve wedding party music artists and bands

~ Reserve wedding decorator/florist

~ Reserve wedding party caterer

~ Book wedding reception entertainers / musicians / DJ

~ Decide who are the bridesmaids and best men

~ Decide who is the master of ceremony

4 to 6 months

~ Book rental items needed for wedding ceremony

~ Reserve cosmetic artist, hair stylist and outfit stylist

~ Book wedding night suite

~ Finalize invitee list and obtain invitation mail addresses

~ Select and buy wedding invitation cards; include map of the site for wedding event and

~ Create online wedding invites

~ Prepare a selection of wedding helpers (usherers, gift attendant, reception stage coordinator, food & beverage coordinator etc.) and their tasks

~ Begin preparing for the honeymoon

2 to 4 months

~ Book wedding party cake

~ Book wedding transportation together with decoration for wedding vehicle and wedding party entourage

~ Rent or invest in wedding garment for bride and groom

~ Hire or invest in wedding attire for bridesmaids, best men & your parents

~ Choose and purchase party favors, wedding door gifts and presents for wedding helpers

~ Schedule activities for out-of-town visitors both before and after the wedding

~ Think about bleaching or cleansing your teeth

6 to 8 weeks

~ Mail wedding invitations and/or e-mail e-invites

~ Keep track of all wedding invites and RSVP. Same list can be used to track gifts obtained and send thank you messages

~ Hire or purchase wedding accessories

~ Buy wedding footwear

~ Purchase jewelry (thali, wedding bands, etc.) and arrange for engravings

~ Consider and prepare security escort for bride party which will wear heavy jewelry

~ Conclude the food and drinks selection with caterer

~ Arrange for a bridal portrait or pre-wedding photo-shoot to be captured by PicsUs photographer

2 to 6 weeks

~ Verify wedding ceremony details and exactly what to bring with marriage officiant

~ Get in touch with invitees who have not replied and finalize seating arrangements

~ Produce an in depth timeline of the marriage ceremony & wedding reception

~ Provide your service vendors a version of the comprehensive timeline

~ Form your receiving line and make up your mind how they will usher the bride and groom into the wedding event location

~ Supply your PicsUs wedding photographer a summary of particular photos you want captured

~ Provide your PicsUs videographer a summary of special persons or events you would like included in the video clips

~ Supply your DJ the song-list you would like played at your function

~ Get ready wedding site road guide boards, guestbook and gift storage containers

~ Prepare and then beautify your home

1 week

~ Prepare final costume fittings to ensure your garment is all set and ideal

~ Decide on your wedding transport drivers

~ Revisit the wedding schedule

~ Present the configuration of the wedding reception to your caterer and wedding reception manager

~ Provide the final number of guests to the caterer and reception manager

~ Communicate final changes to your service vendors

~ Verify honeymoon accommodation and reservations and pack for your honeymoon

~ Familiarize yourself with each other's guest lists

1 day

~ Revisit this checklist and record down all objects to be brought for the wedding event

~ Arrange for a trustworthy person to help you pay the service providers on the special day

~ Organize somebody to return rental materials after the wedding party

~ Organize somebody to place wedding site road guide boards at specific junctions

~ Organize somebody to coordinate reception food and beverage layout and receipt with caterer on wedding day

~ Arrange for somebody to coordinate reception site and stage performance - to manage emcee, DJ, entertainers, site lighting etc.

~ Provide all participants of the wedding party particulars of event timelines

~ Provide all service providers details of event timelines

~ Review wedding ceremony seating with ushers

The Day Of Wedding

~ Review this check-list and record down all items to be brought for the wedding

~ Carry the formal wedding rings and/or thali

~ Relax and enjoy your wedding day

Despite the fact that our Indian Wedding Preparation Item List was created according to a minimum 12 months preparation period, you can employ this check-list for shorter or longer wedding preparation periods, with several smart modifications of the check-list.

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