If you’re taking the time to hire a proposal photographer, chances are you’re someone who wants to that Kodak moment to be as perfect as possible. A key part of popping the question without any unwelcome surprises, then, is choosing a pro who can capture your proposal moments, in secret, and in stunning fashion. To help you on your quest for an unforgettable moment and dreamy photos, we’re breaking down our top tips in PicsUs Service for choosing the right proposal photographer for you.

1. someone who can be kept secret

If keeping your proposal secret is paramount to you, make sure you choose someone your future fiancé won’t recognize. You don’t want the surprise spoiled by your partner catching a glimpse of their photographer friend with a camera in hand while you’re walking the beach where you first met. If you choose to opt with someone who runs in your same circle (but whom your fiancé doesn’t know) just make sure she or he knows to keep the upcoming proposal shoot a secret from mutual friends. Word travels fast—and the tiniest slip-up can ruin a long-planned-for event.

2. one who shoots digital

While we love the nostalgia of film as much as the next hopeless romantic, digital photography is really the only way to ensure your proposal is in perfect focus. With proposal shoots, subjects tend to move frequently and unexpectedly (you drop to your knee, your partner is jumping for joy, you embrace, you’re celebrating)—digital photography is key for capturing every one of these candid moments as clearly as possible. PicsUs photographer work to ensure it’s not just posed moments they’re talented at capturing.

3. someone familiar with the area

If you’re taking the time and spending the resources to hire a professional proposal photographer, you want to make sure the moment is perfect and planned for—a local photographer (or at least someone who has worked in the area before) will understand lighting, will be aware of anything that could affect the photos, and can advise you on the best time of day (and the proper spot) to pop the question.

how to find a proposal photographer

While there are a number of ways to select the right proposal photographer, we happen to think the easiest is PicsUs Service. We love this super savvy platform because it curates all of the best photographers in any area in one single place—and then acts as your personal proposal shoot concierge by managing the booking and planning process along the way. Simply start to request booking and let PicsUs Service guide the way from there (brilliant!).

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