Chinese Wedding Preparations

Planning a wedding is no easy business. It is especially the case with Chinese weddings, what with all the tradition that comes with a typical Chinese wedding. So in order to ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare all that you need to have your dream wedding, here’s an ultimate wedding checklist for Chinese weddings. Once you’ve ticked everything off this wedding checklist, you’ll be completely ready to marry the love of your life!

6 – 12 months before the special day (after the proposal)

~ Have a meeting between parents to announce wedding and discuss details(Wedding date, what type of wedding ceremony should be held, who pays for what, dowry, etc.)

~ Make an appointment with traditional marriage services (to choose the right wedding date / time for each part of the ceremony)

~ Decide on a wedding budget (Make sure to stick to it!)

~ Register your marriage (R.O.M.)

~ Start working on your guest list!

~ Book your wedding venue

~ Make a fitness plan (If you’re planning on shedding some pounds before the wedding)

~ Hire a wedding planner (To help make wedding planning easier and less of a hassle)

~ Announce wedding date or save the dates

~ Book your wedding stylist

~ Book your makeup artist (Book at least two so that you try out which one suits you best)

4 – 5 months before the wedding

~ Finalize guest list

~ Choose your ‘heng dai’ and ‘ji mui’

~ Find the perfect wedding dress / suit

~ Decide on theme of wedding

~ Select outfits of bridesmaids and groomsmen to suit the theme

~ Get your pre-wedding photoshoot with PicsUs Service

~ Book your florist (wedding bouquet, wedding decorations)

~ Book your wedding car / any other transportation that’s required (buses for family members living far away etc.)

~ Book wedding entertainment

~ Shop for wedding bands

~ Make plans for your honeymoon

2 – 3 months before the wedding date

~ Plan your wedding itinerary and ceremony formalities

~ Groom’s family should purchase Grand Gift (guo da li)

~ Bride’s family should purchase dowry (jia zhuang)

~ Book PicsUs Service wedding photographer

~ Do hair and makeup trial

~ Hire caterer for the morning ceremony

~ Select your wedding playlist and pass it to the DJ

~ Decide on your ‘dai kam jie’ (find out how to find the right one here)

~ Ensure that you have everything ready for your honeymoon (passport, visa, outfits, etc)

~ Send out wedding invitations

1 month before the wedding

~ Delegate responsibilities to your wedding party

~ Final fitting for wedding dress and qi pao or kwa (with bridal shoes, wedding veil, and other accessories)

~ Decide on what ritual formalities you will adopt during the day

~ Decide on seating arrangement

~ Confirm with vendors that everything is in order

~ Confirm wedding day program with emcee, musicians etc.

~ Purchase gifts for parents and wedding party

~ Have the Guo Da Li ceremony

2 weeks before the wedding

~ Invite wedding party to dinner

~ Confirm banquet menu

~ Purchase guestbook and money box for Li Shi money

~ Ensure all guests have RSVP’d

1 week before the wedding (You’re almost there!)

~ Prepare bride’s emergency kit (wet wipes, tissues, makeup, etc.)

~ Confirm with dai kam jie about itinerary for wedding day

~ Prepare cheques for wedding day (to pay vendors)

~ Break in your wedding shoes

~ Order roast suckling pig for Three-Day Return visit to bride’s home

~ Final facial session

~ Arrange for rental items to be returned

~ Pack for your honeymoon

~ Conduct An Chuang ceremony

1 day before the wedding (It’s almost time!)

~ Pack all your wedding day items and pass it to the person in charge

~ Check that you have everything (wedding dress, accessories, bouquet, etc.)

~ Send wedding car for decoration

~ Go for a massage or spa to relax

~ Sleep early!

~ Perform the ‘Shang Tou’ 上头 or hair combing ceremony

With this wedding checklist, you can ensure that you have everything you need to have your dream wedding, no problem. Not only that, it will also help reduce stress of wedding planning. After this, all you have to do is enjoy your wedding and being able to spend the rest of your life with the one you love.

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