Photographers Terms & Conditions


The photographers must give the Company full details like full name, identity card number, current staying address, contact number(s) & bank account number with bank name. All information will be secured by the Company. The Company would not responsible for any losses if the account has been misused or hacked. The photographers have to set the best and secure passwords and update regularly. If the Company found the account has any suspicious activities or bleach in terms & conditions, the Company has the right to suspend the account. The photographers may make a report with proofs and requests back the account by email request to the Company.

The photographers have to wear proper and presentable outfit for the jobs. The minimum requirement is polo-t with proper jeans and sneakers or sports shoes. Outfits that fits or neat dress code representing photographer professionalism and respect to the customers and their guest. The best that fits or matches the customer's events dress code or event themes. The photographers are highly rejected or prohibited to wear tees, t-shirt, shorts, sandals, slippers, or any other improper dress-up to the events.

The photographers must be punctual or on time for the jobs being booked. The photographers may lose points for being late or not showing up for the job. The Company has the right to terminate the photographers for such issues to use the company system. There is no reason for being late or not showing up unless there is an issue of an accident to the photographer or direct family members of the photographer with the life-threatening conditions. The Company also has the right not to pay any bonus, incentive, and job fees for not turning up for the services or jobs being booked.

The photographers responsible to pass or upload all the photos to the Company within 48 hours after the job for 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. For 4 hours, 5 hours and 6 hours job need to submit all photos within 72 hours. For 7 hours, 8 hours and 10 hours job need to submit all photos within 120 hours. It can be uploaded to 3rd parties transfer data service to pass all the photos to the Company.

Job/s Accepting Policy

For photographers to be able to use the Company platform system and to receive a job is to qualify the following category as Semi-Pro, Pro, Master, and Grand Master title in PicsUs Service. All titles needed to go for photos qualification and will be judged by our PicsUs Service photographers. The Semi-Pro and Pro title qualification will be graded by the PicsUs Service Master and Grand Master title by following the international guide as composition, control, and lighting of the subject. Sound technical competence. For the Master and Grand Master title qualification will be graded by the MPA-Far East by following the international guide and standard of the Master Photographer Association bodies. The MPA-Far East qualification grading are required fees. The fees or cost is subjected by the title to be graded and will be announced on the PicsUs Service website.

All photographer jobs will be received by and with the PicsUs Service system requested by the customer or manually request from the Company on behalf of the customers inquires. The PicsUs Service system is whichever the 1st photographer accepts the job and confirms by the customer with payment, the photographer will get the job. The manual request for a photographer by the Company on behalf of the customer for the job is when customers fill up the inquiry form from the Company website. The Company manually requests for the photographer will be using the PicsUs Service system too.

The photographers are not allowed to pass the job to other members or non-member after they accepted and confirmed the job. The photographer is fully responsible for the job being accepted and confirmed the job. The Company will take action and suspend the photographer using the PicsUs Service system on this matter.

The customer requested a job to get service from the photographer are by category of the profession in PicsUs Service system procedures. 1st search by the PicsUs Service photographer level. 2nd search by the location state in Malaysia of the photographer registered. 3rd search by the category of the photographer profession on which specified photography specialized in.

The requested job may have requested the photographer proceed job in different locations in the same city. The multiple location service only applicable to 4 hours duration service and above. For difference city or location requested by the customer will be announced to the photographer. The Company will charge transportation fees from the customer if the service is not applicable to the local address. The service of multiple locations on our pricing list meaning is in the same city with different addresses or places of interest.

Once the photographers accepted the customer request, his/her photography artworks will be present to the customer to make choices. The 1st 3 photographers that accepted the job will only present his/her artworks to the customer. The artworks with no photographer watermark and being prepared by the company for presentation. Those artworks with a watermark will be crop or will be a blur of from the photos. The customer will only choose from the photography style they liked.

When the customer requested a job has been accepted reply by the photographer to the Company team, the Company will send a notification to the customer to make confirmation booking with a payment. For any job less than a 3-month request from the actual date, the customer and the photographer confirmation dealing period within 24 hours. For ant job above than 3-month request from the actual date, the customer and the photographer confirmation dealing period within 72 hours. On the pending period of time, the photographer has to on-hold his availability to the company for confirmation mention above. After a period of time, the photographer can open his/her availability to another job.

As a member of PicsUs Service photographer of the Company is not equivalent to Semi-Pro / Pro / Master / Grand Master photographers of the Company. As a member of photographers, the alert notification booking from the customers is not available in the PicsUs Service platform system. The incentive or bonus or job payment is not applicable to the member photographers. To be Semi-Pro / Pro / Master / Grand Master, please inquiry and get in touch with the Company for more details.

Member photographer is allowed to view the event, promotion, vendors, and photography tips on the Company website. Member photographer is allowed to join workshops, events, and conferences in the events section created by the Company or by the Pro / Master / Grand Master in the Company or the events by the MPA Far East Association.

Job/s Payment

The Company will bank in or bank transfer to the photographers for the job payment/fees after completed receiving all the photos to the company. The company will clarify all the photos in acceptable conditions and with transferable photos to the customers before making the payment to the photographer.

The transaction payment will be made within 24-hours after we received and checked all the submission photos to us. If you send to the customer all the photos and the Company unable to check, the Company has the right to suspend the payment or delay the payment for clarifying.

The photographers acknowledge and authorize the Company to receive and accept the customer's payment on behalf of the photographer/s jobs or services. The customers only make the payment to the Company to book the services via the website with the merchant payment gateway of PayPal by credit card or debit card or the customer direct bank transfer to the Company account only. The customer booking payment only pays to PicsUs Service.

The Company will charge transportation fees from the customer if the service is not applicable to the local address. The company will notify the photographer of the transportation fees before they accept the requested job. The transportation fees will pay to the photographer together with the job payment.

Handling Photo / Video Rights

The photographer/s shall not use the photos for personal interests. The customers have the rights and own the photos that they purchased with the services. Any law enforcement on this matter, the Company will not be involved. The photographer/s has no right to pose any of a customer's photos on social media or any other websites or web pages for personal or business use. If the customers agree with or without a letter of agreement that they don’t mind having their photos to post, it is between the photographer/s and the customer's issues, the Company will not involve in this matter.

The photographer/s must make sure the transferable photos file size not less than 4MB and resolution 240pixels/inch. All the photos must in standard white balance and standard exposure. No touching or refine photo needed. No watermark allows on the customer photos.

The Company has the right to ask the photographer/s to refine the white balance and standard exposure if the Company found all the photos in not suitable situation quality to deliver to the customer. This matter, the Company will hold the job payment until the quality is acceptable to deliver to the customer.

PicsUs Service reserve the right to pose any photo/s or video/s created from the photographer/s or videographer/s in social media after being paid by the Company. The photo/s or video/s are the property rights of the Company. The photographer/s and videographer/s able to request permission from the Company to release posting in their own social media on behalf of PicsUs Service.

The Company Rights

PicsUs Service platform reserve the right to protect both parties within customer and photographer. The Company platform is to ensure the customer getting the service from the photographer and receive photos on the duration period of time mention above these terms. The Company platform is to ensure the photographer gets the job payment or service fee after the delivery of the photos.

The Company reserved rights to readjustment the terms and conditions all above from time to time without period notice. Copyrights © 2019 ~ 2020 PicsUs Service. All rights reserved.