Qualifying Photographers since 1952

The Master Photographers Association (MPA) is THE qualifying body for professional photographers.

Using an industry recognized three tier mentoring and qualification system, and in partnership with the photographic trade, the MPA supports and educates at all levels of the photographic industry - from students to seasoned professionals.

Through a network of localized regions and nationally staged events, the MPA brings photographers together from all disciplines to fulfill its mission: TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

MPA Far East Chapter takes care of all membership related matters in Asia.

photography by
Johnson Wee (FMPA)

About The MPA

Established in 1952, the Master Photographers Association (MPA) are one of the longest standing photographic associations in British history. We pride ourselves on our expertise and care about our members photographic journey of excellence. We understand your needs and value them too.


As the UK’s leading qualification body exclusively for the professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographer the MPA encourage professional photographers of all levels to join the Association.


The Master Photographers Association is run by photographers for photographers who have many years of experience behind them. Our team is committed to sharing knowledge and experiences to help guide you.


With a qualification and mentoring system designed to promote continual professional development, the MPA are recognized leaders in setting the standards of professional photography today.


Offering a wide variety of membership benefits and a tiered membership system, the MPA strives to develop both the professional photographer as well as the aspiring photographer just embarking on their fledgling career. We believe that by educating the ambitious professional, we set the standards for the future of professional photography as well as the present.


We offer a benefit package, mentoring programmes as well as inspirational and motivational regional and national seminars on business building and marketing support. We offer a holistic approach in our ethos of support to the professional photographer that we continually strive to improve.


With over 60 years in the professional photography arena, the MPA prides itself in developing some of the industry’s leading photographers of today.





Composition, control and lighting of the subject.

Sound technical competence


Composition, control and lighting of subject which will be assessed at a higher level

Evidence of individual style and creativity


Distinctive Style

Individual creative flair and originality

Excellence of craftsmanship

Ryan Wong (FMPA) - Singapore

MPA Far East Ambassador

James Tan (FMPA) - Singapore

Deputy MPA Far East Ambassador

Leno Ooi (FMPA) - Malaysia

MPA Far East Ambassador

Roger Tan (FMPA) - Malaysia

Deputy MPA Far East Ambassador

Keda Z Feng (FMPA) - China

MPA Far East Ambassador



With three levels (Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship) there's an MPA qualification to suit all professional photographers - from new startups, to seasoned creatives.  


If you're producing work of a professional standard and can assemble a panel of twenty images to demonstrate this, then you can apply for one of the photography industry's most coveted qualifications. An MPA qualification is recognized worldwide and sets you apart from your non-professional peers. Gaining an MPA qualification allows you to use the letters LMPA, AMPA and FMPA to indicate your status within the industry.


There's a range of categories in which you can apply, from portraits and weddings through to architectural and fashion, with some specific requirements for each discipline. 

One reason why an MPA qualification is so highly regarded, is because it also includes an assessment of your professional practices in the form of a "Working Profile" document. This is produced alongside your images and becomes a reference guide for how you run your photography business. Don't be daunted by the thought of putting this together as there's a wealth of information and help freely available from the MPA. 


The primary categories for qualification are: Wedding, Portrait, Social, Commercial, General Practice, Fashion, Illustrative & Pictorial, Press and PR, Landscape, Architectural, Industrial, Fine Art, Events, Scientific, Medical, Forensic, Specialist.

Assessment dates are set throughout the year. Contact for more details.