Customers Terms & Conditions


1. Customer/s shall give the full details to the Company as name, contact number, email, and location upon requesting photography or videography booking. All details will remain privately secure by the Company until confirmation booking of the services with payments.

2. Customers/s able to choose the photographer base on the artwork sample only because the booking system only shows the availability photographer/videographer whoever is available to grab the customer requested job. All of the photographers and videographers has been graded and certified with international standard on their artworks before the photographers/videographers able to use PicsUs Service system. The Semi-Pro / Pro / Master / Grand Master has being graded in a proper qualification conditions. Customer/s cannot reject the photographer/videographer upon arrival and customers shall not request for changes to other photographers/videographers. The customer cannot reject the photographer/s or videographer/s due to religion, races, or gender. The company will ignore the request or complaints or sue on this matter because in-respect of the photographers/videographers profession.

3. Customer/s will receive all the photos soft copy or video mp4 send by the company via Google Drive or any other support site that ensure the customer get the photos or videos. The link will be shared by WhatsApp or email to the customer/s. The customer/s may download and save it to any destination. The delivery of the photos/videos is within 7 working days. The Pro photographer will not post any customer photo to any social media unless the customer have agreed within any terms with the Pro photographer. The Company remains the rights to post any customer photos to the Company's own social site only and the customer/s agreed and acknowledge once booked our services.

4. Once customer/s requested the job, the Company will send out notification to all availability photographer/s or videographer/s by category and profession related to the request. The 1st three(3) photographers/videographers that accepted the requested job, the Company will be send their works to the customers by pdf document file. The choice is 1 from the between 1 to 3  choices of the photographer/s or videographer/s. The customer only choose 1 for the confirmation booking of the service. After the payment made, the Company will send the invoice to the customers/s together with the photographer or videographer details that are chosen.

5. The customer/s need to book the main photographer to entitle to book the 2nd photographer. The customer/s can directly request 2 photographer upon making a request in the booking filling up details on the remarks box. And also can make bookings on the 2nd photographer after the confirmed booking with the main photographer service. The 2nd photographer mainly shoots and delivers all the photos soft copy directly to the Company with the standard white balance and exposure. The customer/s are not allowed to book the 2nd photographer without booking the main photographer service.


6. One the photographer / videographer has been found and accepted the customer/s request, the customer/s shall make confirmation booking within 24 hours with payment. The payment can be make by bank transfer or the Company will send a link for debit/credit card payment only to the Picsus Service bank account.

7. There are 2 option payment. a) Full payment booking. b) 50% payment booking for the confirmation. 50% last payment before the booked date. Before the photographer / videographer go the booked location starting the services, the customer/s shall make full payment. This is to ensure both the customer/s with the photographer/videographer security of the job.

8. If non-payment within 24 hours from the customer/s, all requested job will be cancel. The photographer / videographer will open their availability to other request jobs. The customer/s shall need to make a new request.


9. Company will not responsible on the weather or climate changes when the customer/s and the photographer/videographer working during the shoot or before the shoot. No refundable due to climate or weather changes or any other act of nature during or before the shoot.

10. The Company will not charge the customer/s if the photographer / videographer is missing in action or didn’t turn up for the job. If the photographer/videographer having serious issues on the life-threatening matters on the photographer/videographer or direct family members, the Company will notify the customer for an option of fully refund or the Company will look for another photographer/videographer to serve the customer. If the photographer/videographer details are not the same as the customer booked appear to serve the customer/s, the customer/s may make a report to the Company and the Company will take serious action on this matter with a refund.

11. Once payment have being fully made, if the customer cancel the job within 2 weeks before the booked date, the customer/s will not get any refund or exchange for other services or products. Once payment has been fully made if the customer cancels the job before 2 weeks and above the booked date, the customer/s will get 50% refund from the full amount.

12. Once payment have being 50% made, if the customer cancel the job from the booked date, no refund or exchange to other services or products.

Customer and Photographer / Videographer.

13. The customer/s must request with the actual location details to the photographer / videographer. Customer/s must let the Company know how many location will the photographer/videographer travel around in advance upon requesting the job. The Company will let the customer know if there is traveling fees required in advance. If the customer didn’t let the Company know the extra location in advance, the photographer/videographer remain the behalf of the rights the Company to ask for the transportation fees before they deliver the photos/videos to the customer.

14. The customer/s and photographer / videographer must communicated in advance for the event scheduled so that the photographer / videographer will not miss the moments. If the customer didn’t let the photographer/videographer know what will be going on the event, any miss capture by the photographer / videographer will be not responsible by the Company or the photographer/videographer.

Customer and Vendor

15. Customer/s inquiries will be reply within 48 hours by the Company if the customer inquiries are already sent out to the Vendor/s that is related of the services to the customers wanted. If there is no reply from any Vendor/s means that customer inquiries is unable for the Vendor/s to serve the customers. Inquiries that are not related to the wedding and event industries will be ignored and the Company has the rights with no reply to the customer's inquiries.

16. The Company is not related to any others company as in the Vendors section. The Vendors section is the service provider that are recommended by themselves and published into Picsus Service website for easier to get in touch or search the service that customers wanted. Any other default on the service or any other issues on the service, the Company is not responsible for the services provided by the Vendor/s.


17. Any pricing package or pricing offer provided by the Vendor/s, it is not related to the Company. The Company refund policy is not applicable to any of the Vendor/s.

18. The Vendor/s provided photography/videography service is not related to the Company. Any pricing package is base on the Vendor/s offer only. The Vendor/s with photography/videography service may not have being qualify or certified by the Company judges as Semi-Pro / Pro/ Master / Grand Master in the Company. Any default or problem or argument with the Vendor/s provided photography/videography service will be bare by the customers own-self because the Vendor/s photographers/videographers is not the Company qualified or certified photographers/videographers.

Customer and Company

19. The Company reserved the rights not to give any information of Picsus Service certified photographer/s or videographer/s to the customer. The customer/s would not get any information from the photographer/s or videographer/s without any confirmed booking.

20. The Company is just ensuring the customer getting the services from the photographer or videographer. Other than the service, the customer can inquiry with the photographer or videographer. Extra charges may apply for other services (album printing / photo frame/touch up service / etc.) from the photographer or videographer.

21. The Company reserved rights to readjustment the terms and conditions all above from time to time without period notice.